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United We Stand
Done in Adobe© Illustrator© CS2015

My participation to :iconarminius1871:'s telephone map game. I recieved :icondutchmansmaps:s'map and mine was passed down to :iconspiritswriter123:

I was given a map of a united Guyana, I was then inspired to imagine them buff out. To stay in theme, i imagined the Royal Antlantic Union and the Habsburg Empire of the V as improble huge unions. 
The country became a multicultural powerhouse with French as the most spoken language, closely followed by English. Other official language are Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, Gujaaner, Cwole, Berbice, Quechua, Aymara, Campa and Shipibo along with a lot of recognised Native Languages.
In this timeline, South America regularly featured on the international stage. This due to longerly surviving monarchies in Europe and continuation of Portugal and Spanish power long during the 19th century. The 1789 revolution was smaller in scale but 1848 saw a lot of political changes. Or something like that. I wasn't too sure of the general scenario and kept in spirit with Telephone Map games : remaining as vague and as clear as possible at the same time.

I might set up my own telephone map game now that i have some holidays, stay tuned!
Hello everyone!

I wanted to make promotion of a flag made by my friend :iconlbenha:. It's goes with our common project of "Athonexia" which is a project about con-nations upon a world very similar to ours. 
Also you can go through our gallery :
Expanding Brain - Languages
Just a lil dank meme that represent litteraly translated the way diffrentent people say the number 97

Fuck the Danes … dedicace to my Swedish friends YO 2300 représente
Evo. of languages in Switzerland in the 21st cent.
Very progressive projection. If the Latin proportion is indeed growing, multiple factors would prevent the Frenchification and Itialianization of huge sway of Allemania. One being purely legal (the linguistic borders are basically set in stone by a legal principle called "Territoriality") and the other Geo-economic : The growth is happening only by numbers, not geographically, the cities of Ticino and Romandy are quickly growing but few are the places where municipalities really change hands. 
By the end of the 21st century i'd say that Berne, Basel and Zurich are all multilingual cities. The border would slightly change : Allemanic Fribourg could disapear or mostly disapear. Part of the Rhone valley could frenchify and Solorthurn and Basel Land canton would become multilingual suburbs. Same with the suburban area in zurich.
Romansch is dying out but isn't dead yet. Somewhat between 10k to 20k of people are still speaking this language.

It was pointed to me that i read the statistics wrong, and it's true. If mobility and access to better educational methods could change the multi-linguals proportions and if the French-speaking part benificiate from a better fertility rate, in fact we are since 15 years in a quite stable state with ~60% German speakers, ~20% French speakers and 8% Italian speakers. The safeguarding program for romansh may be more successful than I first thought.
If the scenario just above may be realistic, it's pure speculation. No one can really tell the future of population over the 30 next years.   Maybe climate change or a nuclear winter could render the country uninhabitable, who knows :P My scenario was just a proposal, and this map is REALLY unrealistic. Please consider it!

On this map, I took it to the extreme, as a remake of the scenario of :icondinotrakker:. Half the Bernese canton is shown as French speaking with an Aar divide. Wallis is completely shown as Romand and there's a weird border betwen Italian part and Allemanic part. 
My modifications :
- Oberland and Upper Wallis don't becom french speaking : These area are too peripheral, Romands would not go there. Only traditionalist minded Allemanics are living there, there are very few but the only ones. Only Thun and some part of the Rhône valley Frenchify.
- A large strip of land in Aargau, Solorthurn and Basel are turning French following the axis of comunication between Zurich and Basel.
    - Some municipalities near the Laufental aren't touched by the phenomenon. Ironically, the (maybe Ex-)Jurassian municipality of Ederswiler is still Allemanic.
- Upper Valleys of Ticino germanify
- Some part of Allemanic grischun become Italian.
- Upper Engadina Germanifies.
- Romansh is on the way out but still alive. Some mountainous municipalities still use it. They are no more than 10k.
Switzerland Partition 2092 V1
Done on Adobe© Illustrator© CS2015

Remake of :icondinotrakker:'s scenario of the European Federal State of Switzerland Partitionned :…

This one is closer to his scenario, both Switzerlands becoming "Special Administrative Areas"

Please note that in this timeline, Switzerland was NOT forcefully partitioned. It became a state of the European Union when it united in 2047. It was then partitioned in 2092 based on language.
Basically, I'm interested in calendars. A lot of the worldbuilding community seems convinced the lunisolar one is the best out there. I tend to somewhat diasagree, even if it is neat since you have at the same time an account of the moon and an account of the Sun. Problem is of course that it's so variable, having 7/19 years of 29 days longer is problematic to me.
I'm proposing an alternat Lunisolar calendar here. It avoids some of the querks of adding a full month. Instead of adding a full month every no and then you add a week roughly equivalent to a fourth of the phase period.

Thus you have still month aligned to the phases but every now and then the month start with a half, full or new moon. if we made the calculation (i'll do it more carefully though) you would have : 12*29.54059+29.54059/4=361.8722275 days And adding the intercalary week you would have : 12*29.54059+2*29.54059/4=369.257375.

Using the Metonic cycle (19 ☉years≅235 ☽ months≅6940 days) we can calculate when those intercalary weeks should be placed : Let say we aproximate the normal year as being 362 days so if we count only with them : 19*362= 6878 Then let's subtract this time to the Metonic cycle : 6940-6878= 62
Then let's devide this duration by the lunar week.

(29.54059/4= 7.3851475) 62/7.3851475=8.3952283959 8*7= 56 9*7= 63 7*8=56 8*8=64

So now a bunch of solutions can be chosen :
1) Not doing one of the 9 intercalary weeks some Metonic cycles so that the average of total leap days is 62
2) Do an intercalary weeks one day shorter.
3) Having 7 intercalary weeks and 1 intercallary half month of 13 days
4) Another general solution is to make sure the normal years are closer to their total duration using their true length of 361.8722275 days*19= 6 875.5723225 so 6875 or 6876 so the number of days that need to be put upon the intercalary weeks is then 64-65 which is slightly better since then you can have 8 intercalary weeks of 8 days. I'm pretty sure we can come up with even better solutions but i think it's a good compromise.
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